This allows you to forward automated messages from your software solutions, which you receive daily via e-mail, into a conversations of your choice.

Examples: Software & hardware monitoring, Google alerts, connected email accounts, time tracking, social media monitoring, RSS Feed subscriptions, etc.

Grape Search

Grape search allows the integration of external sources in order to coordinate with colleagues a lot faster.

SharePoint, Exchange, and more can be easily browsed with the click of a button.

Examples: Browse documents, search customer data, YouTube, Wikipedia and other websites, retrieve tasks, etc.


Bot integration allows the integration of virtual assistants. They can do simple tasks, look up information and react to keywords.

Examples: Weather bot, social media action bot, reminder, etc.

Augmented Intelligence

Grape provides text-based voice recognition, automated summaries, news sorted by importance, and the start of workflows.

Examples: Task management, date coordination, create surveys automatically, retrieve meeting minutes.