Mentioning Co-Workers

While typing in the input field, you can use the @-key on your keyboard to search for coworkers and conversations.

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Coworkers that are not part of the conversation will only be linked to the message but not notified

By typing on the keyboard, you can filter for the correct content and navigate through the list using the arrow keys. To select an object press the enter key.

If you select @group or @CONVERSATIONNAME (1), every participant of the chat will be notified instantly as soon as the message is sent.

If you select @COWORKER (2) the selected coworker or multiple coworkers will be instantly notified as soon as the message is sent.

What happens if you mention someone?

The Navigation Display

Normally the number of unread messages appear in grey (1).

But if a user mentions you or an entire conversation an @ sign will appear in the counter and the colour changes to green (2).

Private messages always appear green as they always are a direct message to you (3).

The Mention Bar

Here, you can always see the most recent mentions in chronological order. If you have unread mentions, a small red dot will appear on the @ sign.

Click on the icon (1) to open the mention bar.

Click on the message (2) to jump directly to the place where you were mentioned.

How people receive mentions

First, Grape will try to reach the user via the currently used device or through the desktop computer.

After an adjustable time (e.g. 10 seconds) Grape notifies users on their mobile phones.

If the user can't be reached via mobile phone, a notification is sent to their email address.